Tier 4 war veteran looking for AQ focused ally

HilldarHilldar Posts: 175 ★★
I’m burned out from war seasons and am looking for a group that focuses on AQ 5x5 with wars sprinkled in occasionally. Leaving a top 500 gold 1 alliance, ran path 6, I’m a good player just need a break. Hoping to join a group doing at least 140 mil in AQ. I have 431k player rating and two 5/65 champs. Hit me up if interested.


  • DoggieHouzDoggieHouz Posts: 26
    Hi currently have 1 open spot in our alliance. We are doing 5x5, last AQ we score 104mil. AQ focused, War optional.
    If you are interested can contact me LINE = doggiehouze.
  • Cendar333Cendar333 Posts: 303
    edited February 2019
    Hey buddy I'm in a 15mil map 5 gold 1/2 alliance. We hit 110mil every week. Need good sense of humor and low political correctness. Hit me up on line or in game if interested: Cendar333
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