Whose Sig Is More Important For War Defense?

I have 5* Domino and 5* Medusa. Both are duped around sig level 75. My question is which one should I focus on more getting as high as possible for war defense? Right now domino is being placed as boss until I get Medusa to r4 also. I just want to use my stones wisely. Thanks in advance.


  • peasantpeasant Posts: 240
    can't go wrong with putting it in either.

    On defense, domino needs about 100+ sig and then she's putting much more pressure on the attacker to not take too much critical failure damage.

    Medusa increased sig is to increase the chance to punish the attacker for when the attacker does mess up and activates her autoparry.
  • BonesjuniorBonesjunior Posts: 83
    So tough lol. Maybe I'll work on getting both of them to at least 100
  • HaminHamin Posts: 2,444 ★★★★★
    Medusa. Having near constant auto block up is a real pain.
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