Who should I use the 4* Awakening Gem on?

I recently 100%’ed the first chapter in act 5. Some of my top champs include 5* Domino, IM Infinity War, Proxima, and 4* GwenPool. Just wondering who I should use the generic on.


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    It's just a 4* gem, so it's not that big of a deal. Out of that roster I'd go with voodoo personally. Even as a 4* he can carry you through AQ pretty easily. Other good choices: Void, wolverine, rogue, sparky, imiw (for war defense)
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    Oh I missed AA, he's a top choice as well.
  • Hera1d_of_Ga1actusHera1d_of_Ga1actus Posts: 417 ★★★
    Thanks @spaceoctopus !
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    I'd narrow it down right off the bat to Void or Voodoo, Sparky too if he happens to be a favorite or most used champ. Seeing that you have Magik in there already and awakened to handle power/buff control I'd use it on Void and pump every science/generic stone you can get. He's been big time for a lot of recent EQs and gets the job done even as a 4* champ. I used my 5/50 Void on UC Diablo and Rulk during the current EQ and for every Hyperion in the Champions Clash.

    Not that you're asking about rank ups but just noticed your Magik isn't ranked yet, so with that in mind I'd put some resources into her and you'll have a strong 4* lineup to go with those 5* you named. Unless Voodoo is awakened he's too inconsistent to use over someone like Magik.

    Another edit lol like the poster above totally missed AA too and he's right there with the others. I'd still go Void but AA would be second pick over Voodoo or Sparky and is right with Void having one of the best sigs in the game.
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    Archangel is an act 5 MVP duped, voids good for war and EQ
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    I would do Void personally. He's been a super advantageous champ to have for EQ's recently.

    But, I would agree with The_Boss9 that AA is more useful for Act 5. Up to you M8.
  • Sparky void of spider man classic
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    AA, for me it's not even close
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    aa or void. but aa is good even not awekened, while void needs his sig a lot. so I say void
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    Void or AA.
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    Void, AA, or voodoo. Otherwise save the gem
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    Void, AA, or voodoo. Otherwise save the gem

    I totally agree with this 😎
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    Voodoo, Void, or Arch Angle
    Also, you have a 4 star awakened She Hulk and Spider-Qwen, so you will probably bein the beta and the might be really good after the buff.
  • Void or AA...& flip a coin. Done. Yw!
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