Looking for alliance

Looking for 4k+ prestige alliance, map5x5 or 65555 on aq and tier 4 up on aw.



  • Fhanowtzki in game and line id
  • havoc78600havoc78600 Posts: 23
    Look us up alliance tag p1gnk ingame name havoc7860
  • AnakinScilukAnakinSciluk Posts: 48
    We have some spots in [IXF] Inhuman X-Force. 7.4 million running map 5x5 in expert tier. In game name is Anakin Sciluk or LINE AnakinSciluk (no space). I'll try to get you later via LINE.
  • KC_21KC_21 Posts: 110
    Message centrifuge in line. Or find J_slap in game
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