best way to use it
does it require max signature to be useful and any specific senergy required


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    Get her to 5 souls as quickly as possible. Synergies help since they can get you 1 extra soul charge or start with 1 bar of free power, but aren't needed.
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    How to gain souls
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    Did you even bother to read her description?

    Nope, he didn't. Which makes me not want to answer his questions any more.
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    Read he out
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    Gamer wrote: »
    Read he out

    Or go watch a YouTube video on her. Plenty out there.
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    NBSAI wrote: »
    How to gain souls

    MS is a ramp-up champ that works best on a quest where you use here many times. She gets souls thru her sp3. If you use her in short fights, you won't see those benefits because you won't make it to an sp3 before the fight is over.

    That being said, she's a good champ, and awakened she can be great.

  • After an sp3 you will get a little counter that pops up, this is your opponents soul and damage done to you they reclaim a bit of it any damage you do to them you gain a bit more. Or you can end the fight with an sp3 that works to, up to you but you should really read the champs info man.
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    She’s better for longer fights as she needs her sp3 to gain souls. For shorter fights bring Mephisto so she starts with a bar of power so getting to the sp3 is easier. Her sp2 is super useful for anyone with lots of buffs and is amazing for the resistor/explosive personality paths in act 5 chapter 4.
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