Top gold 1 ally looking for players

We probably missed plat3 this season by a nose, we are determined to achieve it next one.. Aq tonight scores 162 mil, 100% all days of map5.. We have some members taking a break, others moving to higher tiers, etc. We're looking for at least 5 summoners to join. Minimum requirements:
1. Prestige 7000+ or at least one maxed 5* champ
2. You have to be able to clear your path without deaths most wars especially in tier 4 which is very easy, a little tier 3 experience is a bonus.
3. Communicate with the officers when they need you.. We understand some people don't like to chat too much, but at least the essentials..

If you're interested you can contact me or the leader bazwigley on line, telegram or in game. My id everywhere is nilaebran


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