The game team has resolved this issue. Keys will be distributed via in-game messages and the quest timer will be extended.
More information and timeline here.

Gold 2 alliance recruiting for AW and AQ

Conclave X is looking to recruit 5 new members for AW Season 8 and AQ map 4 and map 5 participants. We finished Season 7 in the middle of Gold 2, winning 10 of 12 wars in the season. We plan to continue growing in both AQ and AW over the next season but need to add a few new members to do so! If you aren't looking for AW and just want to focus on AQ, that's fine too - we can use more that can dedicate to 5x5 in AQ!

Prospecitve members should be highly active in the game, uncollected, and have a roster suitable for our level of content in AW and AQ.

The small print as well as some potentially interesting stuff:
  • Discord is required.
  • We run 2 battle groups in alliance war.
  • We run 3 battle groups in alliance quest.
  • (Season 7) The first two BGs alway ran map 2 and map 4. The third BG ran map 5 whenever AW attack was not in progress and map 4 on AW attack days.
  • (off-season / Season 8) We expect to move to AQ 5/4/2 every day.
  • AQ Donations = 60k gold, 7.5k BC, 4.5k loyalty (daily AQ rewards more than cover the gold and battle chips each week).
  • Donation amounts will decrease in a few weeks since map 4 and map 5 costs will be going down when map 7 is released.
  • My YouTube channel (cazathuul) is dedicated to serving the alliance. Mostly just AW boss fights / war recap videos and monthly crystal openings, however I do create tutorial content when there is demand from members.

Interested in joining or learning more? Contact me in game (Cazathuul) or on Discord (cazathuul#3002). Feel free to drop in on our Discord server, have a look around, and chat with some of our members (invite code 7K42ZSa).


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