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Looking for a new alliance west coast US. 673k base hero rating

Looking for an alliance that is understanding with my health issues. I play a lot and sometimes struggle with IM IW. Have top notch champs and helpful. Have line installed. I duel everyday to get better but current alliance does not want person who struggles with IM IW. I spend too and very good teammate. Please look me up on game : carcastle1
Let me know if interested.


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    DrenlinDrenlin Posts: 787 ★★★
    Do you have line?
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    Hello, I’m interested. Search me on Line at talldragon69 and we may discourse. Recently our Alliance lost 3 good members, looking to fill some slots. Have a great day. 4x92pvi3rmmg.jpeg
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    dfam7975dfam7975 Posts: 37
    Sent you an ingame request. My alliance recently lost several 400k+ players to a snake and need to do some rebuilding. Myself and one other in the group above 600k. Many mid-range players and some fresh ones trying to help grow together. Thanks for the look
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    Have you found an alliance yet? We would gladly take you in. I will add you in game
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    Carcastle1Carcastle1 Posts: 7
    Thank you all for reaching out. I am considering a few alliances now. I will not consider any others. Too many now to figure out which way I want to go. Please give me a day or two to make my decision.thanks everyone!
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    Masquerade1981Masquerade1981 Posts: 296
    If you're still looking, my alliance might fit the bill. We're a fun/chill/active alliance running 3 BGs in AQ, 100% all 5 days, AW when we can. 2 BGs 5x5, 1 BG 3x5. Hit me up on LINE if you're interested.
    LINE: jessetrippe
    IGN: Masquerade1981
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