catalyst reward issue

Hi Kabam,

I do have a suggestion concerning the monthly alpha 2, tier 4 & 5 basic catalysts we can have as reward every month.

With the increase of 5 and 6 stars shard we can grind from events and arena, the demand on alpha 1 & 2 and basic t4 & 5 increase drastically.

You somehow resolved the issue concerning the alpha 1 by including alpha 1 in all the 3 days alliance events and by the weekly versus.

But we still face the problem of tiers 4 basic catalysts, even with the weekly versus. Maybe you could add some T4 basic in the 3 day events to (a full catalyst or at least half the shards resuired ?)

Concerning the alpha 2 a d T5 basic, i understand that these are the rarest, for now, but it would be an improvment if we could gain some more shards every month !

Maybe you could add one more step in versus in which we could get those shards… lets say 25% of an alpha 2 in the alpha arena and 25% of T5 basic in the basic catalysts arena.


  • Sounds like a good plan. The catalyst arenas would also be easy to balance, since they could just put some t5/t2a shards on an arbitrarily high milestone (4 million or something like that).
    But I don't think they'll do something like that before act 6 gets released. I guess the point at which new resources (like t5cc and maybe t3a) get introduced, they'll make t5b and t2a more accessible.
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