Improvement Required Ingame Selections / Menu / Arena


I wanted to notify this for long but doing this now i dont know it was already been adress by somebody else before.

There is huge issue on ingame boost menu especially this month when u have apply all 6 boost in trails of alchemist the mojor problem is u need to scroll all the way down then u touch to activate one boost and it goes all the way up u have to scroll down again and again the issue is there is no slide bar u need touch in the middle to scroll down again n again because of this most of time it touch some of the other boost by mistake please a slidebar or give something like confirmation or most better is add a slide bar in menu plus when I activate one boost the menu should stay in the same position should not go all the up again.

Secondly please improve the Arena Champions selection menu every single round u have to go and click on Stars rarity for ur choice of selection if possible add somekind of locking mechanism or like u click on remember ur selection so u dont have to go again n again to choose selection like 4* then hero rating.

Remember selection also required in Champion upgrades iso selections.

Thank You
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