6R2 vs. 5R5: When to stop R5 5*?

This might seem a little too early to ask (or totally a first-world problem), but with Act 6 coming around the corner, I can't help think about the 6R2 vs. 5R5 debate again, and would like to hear your thoughts.

Currently, I have 5 R5s, and can still r5 two more: medusa (from variant cosmic rank up gem) as well as magik (with this season's rewards). Then, that would give me 7 R5s.

Do you think, instead, I should maybe start focusing on building my 6* roster from now on? I have 10 6* but the only champions are worth considering are sentinel (unduped), rhulk (unduped), ghulk (unduped). If I dupe my sentinel or rhulk, I would definitely take either of them to R2.

Should I use my T5B on another 5*, or start saving them for 6*? Any suggestion is welcome!


  • SabSab Posts: 8
    I think ,keep uping 5*s to rank 5
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  • axelelf_1axelelf_1 Posts: 775 ★★★
    R5 5*s will be plenty relevant for a long time. Don’t listen to people saying rank your 6*s as they’re the same that would have you rank a bad 5* over a god tier 4*.
  • MattyyMattyy Posts: 140
    If you get a 5* worthy of r5 then rank them up, if you get a 6* worthy of r2 then rank them up. Simples.
  • TheSquish671TheSquish671 Posts: 2,877 ★★★★★
    I would say wait for act 6 chapter 1, to see if tier 5 class cats frags are included, if kabam are starting to make r3 6* materials available, you should start focusing on the 6*s
  • Hulk_77Hulk_77 Posts: 782 ★★★
    I would hold off on any decision until we see what's up with the new AQ coming this month. If AQ has better rewards than AW, it's possible prestige becomes an important factor again. If it does, you're going to want 5 high prestige 5*s, since it's way easier to get their sigs up than it is with 6*s.

    I personally have 6 r5 5*s right now. 3 are high prestige, 3 are not. So, I'm waiting to see what the new meta is going to look like before deciding on my next few rank ups.
  • SillyCaitlinSillyCaitlin Posts: 516
    It’s only worth r2ing a 6* if it’s a god-tier champ. I chose to r2 my 6* Corvus... because... well... he’s Corvus.
  • Anurag1606Anurag1606 Posts: 1,105 ★★★
    Well I would use a rank up gem definitely to r5 a 5 star just because you cannot use them on a 6 star. So use it for next r5 and save t5bcs for now. No need to hurry, you already have 5 plus 1 from variant rank up. Just my thoughts
  • johara84johara84 Posts: 142
    Im in a very similar predicament. I can r2 my 6* Gulk or r5 5* Medusa or Ghost Rider. Its a tough call and such valuable resources aren't something to be spent lightly.
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