LF 2 | Plat 3 | AQ Rank <150 | Path 5 or 5/7 runner

We are an adult alliance, mostly US based, who's placed in Platinum 3 since last few seasons; we know what we are doing and what it takes to finish in Plat 3.

We are not crazy and don't look to compete in the craziness that is master/p1/p2 alliance war so don't worry about that. We are perfectly fine being great fighters while using minimal items in Plat 3.

About Us:

- AW: Tier 2/3 - Platinum 3

- AQ: Map 6 & 5 - Rank about 150 (if you prefer playing map 5, you can opt to stay in map 5 BG)

- War start time: 1:30 PM PST


- Tier 1-3 AW experience

- Nice to have 2 R5 5* champs, but 1 R5 5* champ with a good R4 roster and enough resources to r5 another would work as well.

- Atleast 1 R4 5* Defender

- Ability and roster to handle path 5 or 5/7 in tier 3+ AW

- Must be active in AQ and able to finish a path in AW Tier 1-3 with minimal deaths

- Donations: Gold - 150000, BC - 31000, Loyalty - 13000

- No hard minimums for events, but we want players that are active enough they wouldn't be worried about minimums generally.

- Prefer US timezone or highly compatible members

- No pressure to spend, no giving out of logins, no piloting, everyone plays their own account.

- Use line for communication. Expect members to communicate well

If this sounds like an alliance you are looking for, please contact me on line: Byakuya.Sama
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