Can She-Hulk get an A-Force Synergy?

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With She-Hulk having a Beta to rework her, would it be possible to have her gain an additional Synergy that focuses on the team A-Force? Currently, Captain Marvel and Medusa (though she is not tagged with A-Force) are in the game, and could connect to her with this. Because they all have Fury Buffs, they might benefit from some sort of Fury Enhancement, or Extension, or stacking.

Alternatively, Kamala Khan, Ms. Marvel and Rogue are also tagged with A-Force in the game as well, so maybe it could be something like for each member of A-Force on a team their ability chance could increase by an additional +5% per member (so 25% total - I guess that would mean She-Hulk would always gain 5% from herself). If there are other female fighters that could be tagged with A-Force, this could increase the variety of their use of the Synergy.

Black Widow, Elektra, Phoenix, Scarlet Witch, Spider-Gwen, Storm, and Wasp (though this is the comic version, not sure if that would apply to the movie version) are all in A-Force as well. That would give a lot of variety to the Synergy options.
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