Howard the Duck SP1 interaction with IMIW armor up effect

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I was grinding arena today, and accidentally noticed that when Howard the Duck uses his SP1 on IMIW, the icon appears either as a permanent armor up effect, or as a temporary passive effect. Neither is correct.

Shouldn't it be a permanent passive effect from Howard's SP1, and a temporary armor up effect from IMIW himself? And shouldn't they appear separately? Somehow, Howard's SP1 icon is merged with IMIW's armor up effect.



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  • webtswxwebtswx Posts: 192
    did anyone look into the issue? where's the response???

    It happened again today, so im pretty sure the bug is not fixed or not even acknowledged.

    What's worse is that Howard the duck placed a permanent passive effect on IMIW, and when IMIW is under 15%HP, he still gains power and auto blocks attacks even after all his armor up effects are gone. The bug makes attacking him impossible because it, somehow, thinks Howard's red passive effect is IMIW's armor up effect.

    Fix this; be professional. even if no one plays Howard the duck!
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