Tired of AW but still want an active ally? 16 mil AQ-focussed ally LF 2!

We are an international ally comprising a good mix of players. Approx running one AQ BG of players in US time zone, one BG European time, and one BG Asian time. We do AQ map 4x5 but am flexible enough to do map 3 if a few of us are going to be out of action.

Ally is also active enough to get most ally event milestone rewards.

We are less active in AW, running 1BG usually. AW takes up more coordination than AQ, and some of us are tired of it. Running 1 BG still allows those of us to get the kick of playing AW when we are free, without the pressures.

If what you hear sounds good, join us!

Interested parties should be strong enough to clear AQ map 4 easily. Preferably uncollected. And must use Telegram app to join our group chats, and communicate well.

Look me up to check out our ally [Chums].

PM me here, Telegram, LINE or in game if interested! My ign and telegram ID is ezgoing. LINE ID is ezgoing77


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