Game experiencing severe lag

Hello. So as I'm sure most of the community is aware, the game has been experiencing serious lag the past few weeks. Almost to the point of it being unplayable and less enjoyable to endure. Not sure what backend latency or network bottlenecks cause this, but I'm almost sure it's not solely due to user devices. Personally I've taken all the steps to ensure my device runs a "clean slate" so-to speak, before launching MCoC. Still... the latency is real. I almost don't want to even launch the app. If I'm at work or out and about and need to log in for a quick fight ( AQ/AW, etc ) the time it takes for the app to load and move between screens takes much much longer than it does to actually participate. 9 times out of 10, I end up just shutting the app completely down.

I'm sure there are a number of things that contribute to this but it's really noticeable since the guys over at MCoC have created the "Beta-testing" environment. Upon hearing the news that Kabam would open up the platform to let real world users test, I was ecstatic! It was a very generous and collaborative gesture. But I wondered in the back of my mind what kind of gameplay degradation would result from it. We see it now. There is probably good reason to have users who want to participate just move between servers in game via log in selection and I'm not quite sure how Kabam is hosting the testing environment, but somehow it feels like the front end UX is hindering efficiency. It almost seems as if they (live environment and beta environment) are being run from the same servers - which isn't good for anyone.

Why not create an entirely separate app and call it MCoC Beta, delegate a totally separate server aside from the live one, and port any user profiles (that are participating in the beta tests) to this one? It just seems like each and every time there's a beta test, the lag gets more severe. Not to mention that some users/players can't even access the testing environment if signed up. Just feels like there could be more of a qualitative approach than to take unnecessary shortcuts which only degrades the experience for everyone. I mean think about the ramifications. Long term, this doesn't just prevent Kabam from making a profit (because why would someone purchase a rank up package deal, etc when they can't even log on to apply or sustain meaningful gameplay?), it will potentially turn users off altogether. Especially if the issue persists.

This could also help to solve any issues preventing users who have chosen to participate from being able to access the beta. I don't know, maybe I'm reaching here but at this point, the continued success of this mobile game is not being echoed by the user experience. Not being negative but I'm sure we all would like something that "just works."

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