Looking for a new alliance. Plat3/gold1


  • BlonzeeBlonzee Posts: 22
    Line id- blonzee
  • Hit me up on line at jewston. We need 1 more. Making a push for plat3 this season but have always been gold 1. 650 in AQ
  • Hey Blonzee - for some reason, LINE says your username doesn't exist.
    16-17M BALANCED Alliance - easy Gold 1 at tier 5-6, no stress, no drama. 5/5/3 x2, 5/4/3 x 3 AQ until map 4 goes free, then will likely alter a bit. No req'd donations, AW is the main requirement (place, know your path, clear it, communicate).
    Line: senorpants
  • Add fordx4bronc on line
  • RtomMADRtomMAD Posts: 144
  • Where are you from @Blonzee ?
  • BlonzeeBlonzee Posts: 22
    Thanks all.. I’ve gotten an alliance
  • B_Dizzle_01B_Dizzle_01 Posts: 1,064
    Eww rank 5 SL. So 2 years ago
  • BlonzeeBlonzee Posts: 22
    Still a god
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