Looking for Alliance! P2 in war/ Top 90 in Aq Preferred


Hi there!
I have been running path5 in season 6-7 in tier2-3
I would like to focus on aq since they are adding tier5 basics and reducing donation amounts.
In the same time I would like to play in higher war tier/ bracket as well.
I can say that I'm pretty skilled player.
I'm going to have my third 5:65 soon.
Timezone: Gmt+3
Line ID: r1pxd5jjkrol.png


  • BatsiiBatsii Posts: 167
    Still Looking.
  • BatsiiBatsii Posts: 167
  • BatsiiBatsii Posts: 167
    Line id: l3lackholes (small L then 3 )
  • Line ID Alaska2391 add me we got an alliance that sounds right for you, high prestige but up and coming with high interests in Aq aswell
  • BatsiiBatsii Posts: 167
    Still looking. Alaska2391 couldn't find you on line

    My line ID: l3lackholes (Small L then 3)
  • xNigxNig Posts: 6,554 ★★★★★
    Good luck in your search. 3 R5s.. your prestige might be abit on the low side though.
  • BatsiiBatsii Posts: 167
    @xNig thank you!
    I have been in alliance who usually in top50 aq

    Still searching.
  • BatsiiBatsii Posts: 167
    Still looking for alliance
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