Variant 2.3

Drooped2Drooped2 Posts: 3,893 ★★★★★
The flare line electro korg any tipsumnnnc4jwbxc.jpg


  • Haji_SaabHaji_Saab Posts: 2,711 ★★★★★
    I used IMIW r3
  • Kenny292Kenny292 Posts: 437 ★★
    I used IMIW for the Electro and Voodoo for the Korg, though IMIW can be good for both fights if you stick to MLLLL combos. His first medium, 2nd and 4th light attacks are repulsor blasts that don’t make contact, so those hits won’t trigger Electro’s static shock and the first medium won’t trigger Korg’s thorns.
  • Kenny292Kenny292 Posts: 437 ★★
    I believe there are repulsor blasts included in his special attacks as well, so that also helps.
  • Kenny292Kenny292 Posts: 437 ★★
    I did have to revive IMIW once on the Electro due to the flare damage, but that was much better than I expected for that fight lol
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