4 players looking to leave a 7.5mil alliance for similar ranked alliance

Our alliance leader left about 2 months ago, and we are not getting along with the new leadership group. Looking for a new alliance in the 7-9 mil range that will take all of us at one time. Our current alliance runs 4x map5, and 1x map 2/3. We run 2 group wars. Looking for something similar, and we all have a pretty easy time with AQ5, but like the ideas of running 3bg wars instead of 2. Post your line ID in this thread if you think we may be a fit and I'll reach out to go over any questions you may have. We prefer a relaxed, freindly group that finishes their AQ 95% of the time, but isn't going to freak out and boot people if they occasionally have work commitments as long as absences are stated in advanced.


  • Vdh2008Vdh2008 Posts: 968 ★★★★
    Willing to switch to GroupMe? Find me in game, and let's chat.
  • AdvoMiggyAdvoMiggy Posts: 72
    Hey there...I believe you just described our group somewhat...lol. Find me on Line chat @ AdvoMiggy
  • Pabon510Pabon510 Posts: 8
    Sounds like you would be a really good fit for us. Add me on line at Pabon510
  • Snz114Snz114 Posts: 11
    We are an 8m, friendly, relaxed alliance with a good balance of AQ and AW. Line is sunnzy114
  • XxZEUSxXXxZEUSxX Posts: 10
    edited May 2017
    Yo brotha, this is XxZEUSxX from HOMIE...we recently got positions open for 10 people, you guys would fit right in...contact me in game...I tried looking you up with no success...
  • XxZEUSxXXxZEUSxX Posts: 10
    My Line ID is xx.zeus.xx
  • L8r_M8L8r_M8 Posts: 6
    We got positions for you guys. Chat in-game with "Chris Rulz". We could use some guys like you.
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