Havok feedback not removed by Ghost

Havok places a “Feedback Debuff” on the opponent when he lands a heavy, according to his description. This debuff deals damage to the opponent over its duration, with the amount of damage determined by the number of Buildup debuffs on the opponent.

However, Ghost’s phasing does not remove/convert this debuff that deals its damage over time. Why is this?


  • I might be wrong here, but probably isn't a damage over time debuff.

    Is similar to void: he places debuffs on the opponent, and deals damage per debuff. The debuffs itself aren't damage over time debuffs (apart from the degen on his special 2).

    In this case, Havoc places a debuff on the opponent that deals damage per plasma build up. Is not a debuff that causes damage over time by itself, it just deals damage per plasma build up while it's active.
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