WHO SHOULD I RANK UP? R5 5* or R2 6*

Consider I've completed Act 1 through 5 at 100% and we are awaiting ACT 6. The goal of this rank up is to use in ACT 6 and for AQ and AW. Who do you perfer to rank up to the ranks below?

WHO SHOULD I RANK UP? R5 5* or R2 6* 9 votes

Cap IW 5* R4 (Sig 130)
Spity68SuperSam57axelelf_1 3 votes
Corvus 5* R4 (Sig 40)
JmoneysteckSilentKissFhfjghhggggjfhfjg 3 votes
Killmonger 6* R1 (unduped)
igotgame1075OrangiePDX_ORE 3 votes
Iceman 5* R4 (Sig 1)


  • Killmonger 6* R1 (unduped)
    Or Wait for act 6 to decide, that’s what I’m gonna do, why rush?
  • Adman0726Adman0726 Posts: 44
    @Orangie Makes sense, but you also need to wait until someone completes AcT 6 to get more feedback.... right? I already have r5 domnino, r5 medusa, and r5 omega red so it's not a life or death situation. lol Who would be your gut on selection? I was thinking about r2 Killmonger because that's where the game is going, but Corvus can save a ton of units in both AQ and AW and I'm sure will have some value for ACT 6 (if not entire ACT 6) at R5. Thoughts?
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