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We are adding rewards to higher progression brackets to offset the additional grind.
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270k player looking for active ally, map 4 minimum

Hey! I'm an active player (multiple times per day) looking for a new alliance. I'm used to map 4, but I'm interested in trying map 5. I can clear my path in war.

I'm looking for an organized alliance that communicates. I want to be helpful, but not one of the top 5 members of your team. I'm looking to grow as a player.

My in game and line name is geministarz6. Feel free to look me up!


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    Add me on line. Papathor, cant find you. We do map 4 now.


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    Can’t find you on LINE search. Sent you invite to try out our alliance if you want to for a little while. Thanks.
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    We run 55444 AQ and are looking to replace some inactive members. Hit me up on line: Jagerz. If interested
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    I found a new home for now! Thank you all who reached out!
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