ARK is Recruiting

The Alliance of Realm Kings is looking for some strong players (at least lvl 50, 100k rating). We are focused on AQ (advanced tier) and plays 55333/53332 (2 BG finish for Map 5 and 3 full BGs for maps 3 and 2). AW in between (currently only doing 1 BG but we would like to have 2 full bgs - Wars rating is currently 893. We are a fairly new alliance with friendly people and is looking to help members to progress and enjoy at the same time.

We do SA weekly, donations of 25k G/7.5k BC and 4k LC, item use/completion/duels. LINE is a must.

We are a diverse group with members in various timezones, but leadership and most members are in the US.

Hit me up on LINE or in game - Reinstag


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