European alliance looking to add/merge a strong BG to consistently clear AQ map 5 or above

We have space for an entire battle group (8 - 10 people) - bring your team along to our alliance (tag: .S0A. name: Summoners of Anarchy, rating: 9 million, AW season 7: Gold 2), and your nominated leads (max 2) will be made officer to run it. Preference is for a European based group, simply because we have found that time zone differences are not easy to deal with in AQ/AW.

Our BG1 is already set up this way (smashing through AQ map 5), BG3 is made up of members that are less active (AQ map 4). This leaves BG2 to be populated by the strong (external) set, ready to bash through AQ map 5 or above.

We use LINE (this is a must I'm afraid), have reasonable donations (nothing scary - usually about 30 - 50k gold, 5 - 10k loyalty - you get it all back as part of alliance participation anyway :smirk:). All we really ask from potential joiners is to stay active as much as possible, communicate with the alliance when they cannot do so, and participate in AQ/AW.

So, in summary, one whole BG required :smile: I have no intention to meddle in BG-related stuff (unless I'm running that particular one of course) - that's why officers are assigned. If you're interested, my in-game name is Brax-13, you can reach me via LINE (ID is a.smajlovic), and I'll be more than happy to discuss it further.


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    BraxBrax Posts: 27
    I should point out that the time zone element is BG specific - it's not a deal breaker. If you can manage your BG with worldwide members, we have no issues with that 🙂
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    BraxBrax Posts: 27
    We looked around and attempted a couple mergers but alas it all fell apart. The alliance members have moved on - anyone who stumbles across this thread may consider it dead and buried :neutral:
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