His this a good five champ team for monthly quest exploration?

Currently I am running quests with maxed out four stars of Blade, GR and Stark SM along with a five star rank 4 Hyperion (unduped) and a five star rank 4 Starlord (sig 90). I can fully explore master without potions most months and can complete but not explore uncollected (with moderate potion use). The team is balanced but I am thinking of upgrading current champs and instead running with five star rank 4 versions of Killmonger, Quake, AA (sig 80), Starlord (sig 90) and Hyperion. Will this make a stronger overall team or will I miss the synergies and balance?

I’m asking because AA, Quake and KM are all still at rank 3


  • _tokio__tokio_ Posts: 76
    Just Switch in Quake or AA if needed for certain fights to make them easier.
  • SidDDragonSidDDragon Posts: 598
    There is no fixed lineup for monthly quests especially in uncollected...there are different nodes which result in a different team selection.. although I must say,quake is one of the most versatile champs to have in Ur team..she isn't the best option for almost any fight but she can clear so many irritating fights that having her in the team gives u a big boost
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