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Improving gameplay : Visibility of certain Special attacks

Hey there :)
First of all, i'd like to say that this game looks amazing for a mobile game. The animations are really fluid especially for recent characters.
But (because there's always one ;) ) sometimes the action can be diificult to read at times due to too much or lack of effects.

Here is an exemple with Nightthrasher's Sp1

On the small screen of a phone, this little black stick is barely visible. That makes it not really satisfying to fire off and very uneasy to dodge.

Would it be possible to tweak this animation a bit, like this?

This is just an exemple of course. I find Doc Oc and Sabretooth specials when they throw rocks very hard to see as well for instance. Maybe just clearer color of rocks would be enough?

Maybe i'm just the only one concerned, but I think that would improve a bit our quality of life there. :smile:


  • AngusMac279AngusMac279 Posts: 117
    Or maybe, on the start of a special attack, the screen get tinted a bit more.
  • imaginejimimaginejim Posts: 333 ★★
    I think the Surtur background is one of the hardest to fight because of this. Fighting Void there is an absolute nightmare.
  • Severus35Severus35 Posts: 88
    Valid points there :) I like the idea of making the characters stand out a bit more during special attacks. Backgrounds in this game are gorgeous but being really colourful and animated don't really help reading the action ;)

    Here is another exemple with Doc Oc's Special 2

    It's hard to really see which rocks are launched and even see those rocks :smile:
    How about something like this?

  • ChampioncriticChampioncritic Posts: 3,347 ★★★★
    edited February 2019

    You think the above are bad? Ha. I think masacre's sp2 projectile is the hardest one to see haha.
  • Severus35Severus35 Posts: 88
    That's a good call :) Very difficult to dodge if you don't nail the perfect timing for that one.
  • bloodyCainbloodyCain Posts: 910 ★★★
    Fighting any dark colour champs or mostly covered in red are annoying in Surtur background. Why? Cause sometimes you can't see their basic attacks and sometimes their specials.
    For example, Red Hulk, Void, Night Thrasher, Masacre.

    Bad animation? Probably. Or was on purpose so that you can train yourself by fighting them more often? I don't know.
    But for those that play arena a lot, that's their training ground. I guess they could have less to no problem with most of your concern on this issue.
    However, I certainly doesn't like to fight Void with Surtur background. Annoying.
  • Severus35Severus35 Posts: 88
    Masacre SP2 Original

    Tweaked :)

    A trail of smoke would add a nice effect in my opinion. ;)

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