5.9M Newly formed alliance LF Members


Alliance tag: HLV.
Alliance name: KONOHA
Date of alliance created: 2019/2/1
Alliance rating:5.9M

We are newly formed alliance. Looking for players above lvl 40 and rating 80K.

Our requirements are-
1. Must active in AQ & AW.
2. Must have line app.

Currently we r doing Map3/3/3 * 5 in AQ. Considering to do higher Map in AQ later.
As we r newly formed alliance so our war rating is very very low, Only 60 right now, Tier 22.
If u interested HMU in game or line app.

For more info, add: Roronoa...Zoro(ign);roronoa...zoro1 (line)
U can add our officers too: Kakashi Hatake© (ign)
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