How to defeat korg

Who is best champions against korg??


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    Just watched some video that suggested energy champs are the best option and avoid medium and heavy attacks it will allow his shield to run out
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    Who is best champions against korg??

    Omega Red is the hard counter to Korg.

    On top of having a natural class advantage, tentacle hits don't see any damage reflected, so standard MLLLM against Korg will chip away at his rock shield without damaging Omega Red at all. The rest of Omega Red's advantages aren't really unique to the Korg fight, but all his specials are effective in some way.

    Omega Red could easily finish the Korg from the Maze with 100% health.
  • Yeah, omega is good, so is havok from latest champs, I pulled one 4* in the morning, and he's amazing, didn't have problems 4*r2 against maxed out 5* r5 sign 200 korg.. Havok also ignores korgs thorns, and his sp3 just smashes.. Few more good counters there, even ds, void, quake, but he's doable using any champ, just control his crowd meter, don't hit blocked, and use light hits only with rock shield active, when it's shattered, bang him all you got.. Do some duels, sheto brown for example, or any from top 100,he'll become easy eventually.. 😀
  • Dormammu might be a good option come to think of it. Does anyone know if dormammu medium attacks are energy attacks?
  • All dorms attacks are energy attacks. 😀
  • All dorms attacks are energy attacks. 😀

    Alright awesome, dormammu anti-korg confirmed XD. Sucks that i do not have one though.
  • Imiw is great
  • Bishop's special attacks can deal big energy damage.
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