Silver surfer idea

Health: High

Attack: Low

Crit Rating: High

Crit Damage: Low

Very High BLocK proficiency.

Immune to bleed, iceman's stuff, incinerate, shock.

Immune to all forms of power control ( drain, steal etc )

Gain no power from attacking.

Instead, Gain 40% of the power the opponent consumes.(If the opponent activates an SP3, gain 40% max power, and so on)

Well timed blocks: Generate 8% max power instantly and place one power cosmic passive on the opponent.

Power Cosmic passive: Lasts 8 seconds.

For every power cosmic passive active, the opponent's ability accuracy is reduced by 15%.

Stack upto 3.

Gain +50% attack rating per Power Cosmic passive active.

Heavy attacks: Steal 40% of the power they generate in the opponent and convert it into upto 8% max health.
Refresh all power cosmic passives.

Cosmic Shield: Cannot lose more than 5% of his maximum health from one source when it is active. Also, gain a 40% auto block chance when it is active.

Cosmic Awareness:
Whenever an opponent evades or the attack Misses, activate Cosmic Shield for 2 seconds.
40% to activate Cosmic Shield when stunned.

Special Attacks: Steal 100% of the power consumed.(SP1 steals 33% max power, and so on)

Special Attacks: Place 1 power cosmic passive per bar of power used.

Every Alternate Special Attack has a 100% chance to crit.

Silver Surfer's SP3 can crit.

When attached by a special Attack: 40% chance to gain a cosmic shield .

When suffering from a passive or active DOT effect: Generates 1% max power per second.

Awakened Ability: Silver Guardian

For every second elapsed in the fight, ability potency increases by 2.25%, and the opponent's is reduced by the same amount (maxes out after 40 seconds.)

(This effectively increases power gain and damage abilities' potency by 90%, reduces the potency of opponents' abilities by 90%. This also increases the ability accuracy reduction and regeneration abilities' potency.)


Now store upto 4 power cosmic passives.

Power cosmic passives deal 10% of your base attack on expiry.

All basic attacks can now crit through blocks.

Cosmic Shield grants 100% perfect block chance.


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