Mr Fantastic idea

Low attack and health. High critical rating and damage. Low block proficiency. No armour rating.

Passive: Immune to bleed unless stunned.

Elastic State 1: (Normal Physique) Become unstoppable while charging heavy attacks. Take 70% less damage while charging heavy attacks. Heavy attacks have a flat 70% critical chance. Well timed blocks perfect block and reflect 70% of all physical projectile damage back to the opponent.

Elastic state 2: (Hulk like physique) : +180% attack rating. Dash attacks have a 70% chance to be Unblockable. If an attack misses or the opponent evades it, become unstoppable for 2 seconds

Elastic state 3: (Fluid like physique) Take 70% less damage from all attacks. 70% chance to become unstoppable while blocking (allows you to retaliate immediately) This state automatically locks on (i.e extends its duration if it is active) if Mr Fantastic is inflicted with a debuff.(Dexterity counts as an evade)

Mr Fantastic continuosly cycles through 3 elastic states, each lasting 6 seconds. Mr Fantastic can lock onto one elastic state for 12 additional seconds.

(So every 6 seconds you switch elastic state, if you lock on to one, it'll last 12 additional seconds before switching to the next)
You cannot lock on continuously i.e. after the 12 additional seconds you will switch to the next state no matter what.
( This means that you can spend 18 seconds continuously in a certain elastic state before having to cycle through the other 2)

Special Attacks: Lock on to the elastic state active at the time of activation.

SP1: 50% chance to be Unblockable.

SP2: 100% critical rating.

SP3: Stuns the opponent for 7 seconds.

Signature Ability:

Elastic state ability potency and accuracy is increased by 20% flat.

The opponent's ability accuracy is reduced by 40% every time they activate it, upto 64% reduction.
(First time 100% chance, 2nd time, 60% chance, 3rd time, 36% chance)


Increase elastic state 1 potency by a flat 9%.

Increase Elastic state 2 potency by a flat 20%

Increase Elastic state 3 potency by a flat 9%.

Mr Fantastic grants each member of the F4 the opportunity to fight as a universal class instead of science. You can choose it at the beginning of the fight. This makes the F4 a versatile questing team.


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