Human Torch idea

Low attack rating and health. Medium block proficiency. High critical rating and low critical damage.

Immune to incinerate (obviously)

Immune to iceman's abilities.

Supernova mode: Lasts 8 seconds. All attacks power burn 2% max power in the opponent. Passively gain 4% max power per second in this state. Additionally, shrug debuffs off 90% faster in Supernova mode.

When struck: 3% to enter Supernova mode. 18% chance to incinerate the opponent. This chance doubles on Special Attacks.

Critical Hits:

Incinerate the opponent, decreasing block proficiency and perfect block chance by 50%, dealing 32% attack rating over 8 seconds.
Stack upto 15.

Against incinerate immune champions, critical hits deal 40% attack rating as a burst of energy damage.

Well timed blocks: Refresh all incinerates.

Heavy Attacks(3 hits): 100% critical chance.

Special Attacks: Deal +10% damage per incinerate active on the opponent.

SP1: Burn 3% max power per incinerate active.

SP2: Triples the potency of all incinerates active for 8 seconds.

SP3: Enter Supernova mode.

Signature Ability:

Start the fight in Supernova mode.

Supernova mode duration is increased by 50%.


Reduce the opponent's auto block chance by 7% per incinerate active.

During Supernova mode, deal 10% base attack rating per second to opponents in your vicinity.

When 15 incinerates are active, ignore all block proficiency.

During Supernova mode, Special Attacks can crit through blocks.


  • DjinDjin Posts: 416 ★★★
    Guess what he won't be immune to incinerate just like ghost rider.
  • Ultimatesaber32Ultimatesaber32 Posts: 739 ★★
    i like this expect maybe not name it supernova, for purposes to be used for Nova, but you could name it like sunspot or something. maybe even idk, flame on.
    Or just Flame On mode
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