Suggestion for AW - Defense placement before Matchmaking solves start-time & ally movement issues

Think it's obvious by now that you guys need to go back and rework this whole approach (especially with AWA starting way earlier than advertised...).

So re-posting this suggestion:

one possible solution to the player movement (and start-time) challenges that these changes create:

Initiate matchmaking AFTER defense placement phase.

Make defense placement phase "open", meaning players joining an alliance anytime during defensive placement are able to place in that war (as long as everything is placed before matchmaking starts).

There's really no good reason you need a matched opponent when setting defenders, as you shouldn't have any more information after matchmaking than before that would modify strategy for placing defense.

This would carve out an almost 24 hour window after each war when people could move between alliances, allowing them to wait for rewards, finish own wars, etc. It would actually make the issue of coordinating alliance movements/recruits way easier than previously, where you need to create a gap by delaying AW start (or asking your new ally to do so in order to wait for you to join).

Theoretically this could allow alliances to start their 24 hr attack clock at a time that was variable but convenient for them, with the caveat that delaying their start would eat into their time to place defenders in the next one.

Matchmaking could still all be started at the same time for every alliance (and defenders would need to be locking in by that time), but Alliance XYZ could choose to start their 24hrs of attack with a 3 hour delay (eating 3 hours of their clock to set defense for the next one). Matchmaking has been done, but they're simply holding off until a time convenient for them (selected by officers ahead of time). You'd have alliances finishing attack at a different time (so real time scoreboard watching takes a hit), but all wars would be completed and results would be known before the next matchmaking began.
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