Help with Ultron

I got ahead myself and tried to take out 5.4 Ultron with Ghost, then Hood. Wasted more revives than I care to admit trying.

Should I take my 3/30 duped Loki to 5/50 for him?

Wait to see if I get Blade?

I also have a 5/50 high sig Void but not sure I can evade long enough to gitter dun

Opinions for a guy that still relies fairly heavily on parries?


  • Knorr7227Knorr7227 Posts: 138
    Loki, get to an SP3 which you will then curse Ultron and steal all of Ultrons buffs and then just spam heavy to renew the curse when it’s about to expire
  • BrowsBrows Posts: 41
    Loki can beat him at 3/30, no need to take him to R4 or R5.
  • InkvajtInkvajt Posts: 92
    I did it with my 4r4 duped loki on like 3 revives because the first 2 attepmpts was testing how it works than i watched some YT video and than it was really easy. I was really surprised.
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