Goodfellas, a 6+ million rated Alliance, looking for a new member

Hi there, my fellow summoners.

My alliance, Goodfellas, has recently had a member decide to step away from the game to focus on real-life priorities, and I've been tasked with finding a replacement.

We are a very friendly, adult-oriented alliance that have members from all walks of the Contest. Here's a few things about us.

- Goodfellas is a family-based alliance. We have many members who are blood relatives (I, myself, am the son of the leader.) If you join us, you can expect to be treated like a member of the family.
- We have members ranging from 325k rating to 81k rating. To us, your commitment to the cause is more important the the champions you have.
- We have an On-Week, Off-Week schedule for Summoner Advancement, to ensure that every time we qualify for rank rewards. (We consistently get 3-5% ranking each On-Week.)
- We currently cycle between AQ maps 4 and 3, depending on our performance in the previous map.
- We have assigned battlegroups for AQ and AW. If you join, you will be going to battlegroup 3. (Battlegroups may change to fill certain needs.)
- We use a 3-strikes-and-you're-out system. You will find, however, that we don't have a very long list of requirements, and we are very understanding of real-life problems.

Here's a list of requirements for joining and staying in Goodfellas.

- You must have the Line App
- You must communicate with the Line App, especially if you are going to be unable to play. Busy work week, family vacations, phone problems; all of these are acceptable and will never be held against you, but you MUST communicate.
- Absolutely no opening of crystals or ranking/leveling while we are on an Off-Week. If you feel you must open/rank/level during an off week, perhaps to finish some time-sensitive content like the Web Slinger Challenge, you must consult with our Leader first.
- You must have a minimum of 325 points on Duel Day. (Seriously, we have several sticklers for this. Don't miss duels or it WILL be noticed.)
- Placing your AW defenders is mandatory, as is joining AW attack and AQ.
- While we have taken on very low rated players in the past, we are at a stage in our alliance where we're not comfortable doing that right now. You must be able to place a full team of at least 3/30 4-star champions on Defense, as well as actually being able to clear your lines in AQ somewhat consistently. (More leniency is generally allowed for AW attack, as the difficulty of the alliances we face varies quite a bit.)

If you have any questions about us, feel free to ask and I'll answer to the best of my ability. If you'd like to join, please send me screenshots of your roster so that we can make an informed decision.


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