[LGUR] Silver 2 ally Recruiting for 3

My alliance “Legends Uprising” is recruiting.

We are heavily focused on both AQ/AW
AQ maps 2/3/4
3 BGS: 2x5, 3x5, 44333
AW S2 rating (wanting to move up to S1 or G3 by the end of season) 3 BGs
No donations
LINE req

We are looking for:
150k+ rating
At least 5 4*s with 3/30 or above
Line mandatory
Must have experience in AW
Ability to log in everyday and help out
Preferably US timezone based

We are a fun group of guys who like to joke around and gets along with everyone.

If that interests you please contact me on line. My id is “evolover95” and my IGN: Supreme Jay

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