Looking for new or vet members details below

We Are Warriors [DOS34] Recruiting New Players to the Game, as well as Vets to Join Us!

We are a sister alliance to our main alliance, [1Dos3] We Are Gladiators. Our alliance is an organized, active alliance that have several objectives.

First, we will be focused on AQ (and not war). Currently, we plan to play Map 2 in 1 BG five times a week. We will expand to 2 BG AQ that may also play another Map 2 or Map 1. Our objective is to score at least 6 M points weekly initially, but aim for 8 M points so that at the conclusion of AQ each week, we stand to get reasonably good rewards and not be demoted to a lower AQ tier.

The reason why we are AQ focused is to help our younger mates grow their accounts and then we will begin to integrate AW when we have more teammates and are stronger.

While we are an active group, we are pretty laid back. Please be aware that this isn't the place to park your account.

There are no donations at the moment, and no announced minimums, but if you play the game those tend to fall in line. Most importantly we all have lives outside of this game and we take that seriously, no stress for heaven's sake this is only a game.

We are looking for players of all skill levels who just enjoy playing the game without unnecessary pressure, we just ask that you are active and patient. We do require the use of Telegram, it is just preferred.

If you are new to the game, you will find that our alliance is desirable as we can help you grow and if you are strong enough, you could move up to our main alliance. And if you are a vet that just want a more balance to your life outside this game and want an active alliance with good people, please give us a try.

If you have any questions or would like to join us, please friend me in-game. My IGN is "fost army".
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