Changes to Solo Missions and possibly a new Veteran Tier passed uncollected?


I don't know if something is already in the works but the prizes in the Solo Missions and a lot of what's in other various crystals really need an update.

When a lot of this content was rolled out, our champion rosters had maybe 1-2, 4* R5 Champs. Getting a 40/50% XP was great. Same with getting a 2* or 3* AG or a 4* SG (Signature Gem), these items would help us progress.

But now many of those same summoners have 5* rosters of anywhere from 50-100 5* champs and 6* rosters of 5-10 champs and getting 40/50 XP boosts and 4* SG's don't really help anymore.

Two years ago when "Uncollected" tier was introduced it was brilliant because it was that next stepping stone in helping summoners progress, but now those same uncollected players have grown out of it and need a new tier.

And that tier should be called "Variant"....or whatever you want to call it, idc what the name is tbh...

The solo missions have become stale. When these were first introduced many of us wanted to clear them but now it's just a hassle to even have to clear the activity. if They were removed completely, most of us wouldn't even notice or care for that matter...As evidenced with the prize changes/difficulty in almost every other competitive facet in the game, the players are growing, so should all of the obstacles and prizes.

There's other stuff too, any suggestions are welcome...


  • Arham1Arham1 Posts: 206
    Unchallenged for Act 6.1 has been announced, I believe.
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