Killgrave and Puppet Master

I don’t even know how this would work, but just imagine Killgrave and Puppet Master in the contest. By far the most confusing on which abilities they would have.


  • S2k_WaltS2k_Walt Posts: 37
    Specials could be similar to Emma Frost for killgrave since he has mind control.
  • SettimoSettimo Posts: 34
    Killgrave’s signature ability would be called “Obedience” and it would work in a similar way to Taskmaster’s “Exploit Weakness” - Killgrave would command his opponent to perform certain actions/combos picked at random and on a timer, opponents who obey within the time allotted remain unharmed, while those who disobey take a small hit of direct damage and suffer a Concussion Debuff, then afterwards there is a short cooldown (based on signature level) and the process begins again with another random command
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