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t4c arena nerfed?

For the last two catalyst clash (class) arenas I’ve noticed two unusual changes: 1) ascendant crystals show no catalysts in the reel at all. I know the reel doesn’t reflect the rewards but this has NEVER happened before and I always do these milestones. Could be a visual glitch but still only got iso from last 4 crystals. 2) low rated 3/30 teams do not seem to trigger death squads anymore and could be used throughout the streak.
I want to know is this intentional and if not please look into this.


  • DemonzfyreDemonzfyre Posts: 17,465 ★★★★★
    1. The reel still means nothing. Never has, never will.
    2. Infinite streak isn't a 100% science. The criteria changes with stronger champs in the game, so the PI criteria target moves. Not only that but Kabam hasn't ever acknowledged that the infinite streak is a game mechanic so it will continue to be a guessing game.

    So now we are left with another thread calling out "nerf" when its more of a question than anywhere near a nerf. People really need to stop throwing that word around and even more so when there is zero proof of a nerf.
  • IrakliIrakli Posts: 147
    1. Then it’s clearly a visual bug in the reel and I’m just asking for it to be checked. 2. With stronger champs the target pi would naturally increase like it did so far not decrease but 6 stars are still restricted here. I didn’t mean to call it a nerf, just way too noticeable to be random.
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