Need Map 4 Players

I have a growing and diverse alliance, with players at different levels. So we have a BG on Map 2/3 and 2 BG's on Map 4/3, with the goal of getting all 3 BGs to run Map 4x5.

My team is highly organized, social, and strategic. We're VERY determined but not crazy and strict. Like, I would never kick someone for not getting enough points on an event, that just sucks all the fun out of the game.
• Need 2 members for Map 4, at least lvl 50
• Need 1 members for Map 3, at least lvl 45

Alliance Details
• 3 immediate openings (Please be ready to join within a timely manner)
• AQ 5 times a week
• AW twice a week on 3 BGs
• Silver Alliance
• Donations not required but deeply appreciated
• No Kids below the age of 15
• Only loyal players. No Jumpers.
• You get 2 days of being MIA before getting kicked.
• Being disrespectful, rude, or mean to teammates will get you kicked very quickly.
• Discord required.
• A good place for getting and giving advice and tips
• No mergers, please.

To join, hop into our server:


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