Delay to Season 8 Start and Upcoming Changes to Alliance Wars Matchmaking Times


Thank you for all of your feedback on our new Matchmaking system. We have a few fixes that we are going to be implementing to address some of your concerns, and bugs that have been discovered.

Matchmaking Time
While we understand that any time that we choose for matchmaking will make it difficult for one group of Summoners or another based on their location, we are going to move the matchmaking window back by 4 hours. The new Matchmaking Window will be from 3pm-7pm PST. This also means changes to the Enlistment Periods.

Here is the new schedule for the Matchmaking phase:
  • Wednesday at 3pm - 7pm PST
  • Friday at 3pm - 7pm PST
  • Sunday at 3pm - 7pm PST

Here is the new schedule for the Enlistment Periods:
  • Sunday at 7pm - Wednesday at 3pm PST
  • Wednesday at 7pm PST - Friday at 3pm PST
  • Friday at 7pm - Sunday at 3pm PST

The reasoning for this window is to align is with our previous matchmaking times. This way, no Alliance will enter their Attack phase earlier than it used to be possible (11 am PST). The system will also correctly go from Top down, meaning the top alliances will be matched first.

This change will take effect Wednesday, February 20th.

Match Quality
We have seen from a number of you that you are still being matched unfairly and against Alliances that are not a fair fight. We are investigating the cause of this issue and are working to improve the quality of matches as soon as we can.

Season 8 Delay
Because we want to ensure that we have fixed the issue regarding match quality, we will be delaying the start of Season 8 by 1 week,

Alliance Wars Season 8 will commence on February 27th.

Recruiting during Enlistment Period
As we previously mentioned, we are working on a fix for an issue where new recruits are not able to join the next war, despite joining before Matchmaking. We are working on a fix for this, and plan to have it in place before the start of Matchmaking on Wednesday, February 20th.

Thank you all for your patience, and for you feedback. We’re still going to be analyzing data and collecting more feedback during the next few wars, and will adjust further if necessary.
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