Featured 5 star VS regular 5 star crystals

What’s up Marvel Fans. I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations and/or insight. I have around 20k in 5* shards. I was wondering if I should spend 15k on a featured crystal or get 2 10k crystals? Obviously I know getting 2 five star champs is more cost effective but what would I get from the featured that I won’t from the regular. Is there a big difference or????? Thanks for your time.


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    FhfjghhggggjfhfjgFhfjghhggggjfhfjg Posts: 4,492 ★★★★★
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    Go with 2 basics. It will be more painful pulling trash from a featured plus more decent champs in basic
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    Oh Ok. Thanks for the info. What’s the difference. Is there supposed to be a chance at a 6 in the featured? Was wondering what is so special for the extra 5k to get the same 5*.
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    yoyosharkyoyoshark Posts: 33
    There are several discussion threads about when to go for basic vs featured 5* crystals - it basically seems to come down to where you are in the game progression and/or your roster (ie if you only have a few 5* champs, better to get more using basic crystals to build up the roster vs if you have a big roster already and need an increased chance at a few choice champs).

    There is 0% chance to get a 6* champ from the featured 5* crystal. It's only 5* champs.

    But the featured crystal has a limited pool of 5* champs, usually biased towards newer champs. During the current 5* featured crystal (Feb 2019) for example, you have 24 champs (vs over 120 in the basic) that include Aegon, Omega Red, Symbiote Supreme, Venom the Duck, etc... But it also includes Magneto, King Groot, Iron Fist, etc... So the chance of getting a 'good' vs 'bad' champ is maybe about the same as a basic, but if you're looking for a specific champ it *might* be worth 5,000 extra shards TO YOU, but not somebody else.

    All comes down to preference and your current roster really!
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    It does make sense. Thanks. I was looking on the forums for tips on featured VS basic. Couldn’t find it. Guess I wasn’t searching in the correct places. I do have a bunch of 4* but no 5*. I’m level 43 and still have to finish the story. So I know I got more coming my way. I did see the names in the featured crystal front page. I wasn’t sure if you got better chances at those particular champs over the basic crystals. Didn’t know you could only pull them from the ft crystals. Thanks for the help everyone. Will take my chances and see if I can pull an Aegon. What I didn’t know was that there was such.a Thing as bad champs. Thanks for that insight.
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