Thor (End Game). Un-Official Abilities.


Signature Ability:
-Hitting opponents while they are Paralysed grants Guaranteed Crits with increased Critical Damage of (x).

- Being a God of Thunder, Thor has full access on Thunder. He can launch his Special even while struk by opponents. This attack can not interrupt Special Attacks.
- Critical Hits have a 50% chance to refresh Paralyze while opponent is inflicted by Shock Debuff .
- Thor is immune to all known Shock debuffs in the Battlerealm .

-Thor does not want to see his Teammates in danger. He became furious if they are below 50% Health. It grants him Permanent Passive Fury Buffs increasing  his attack by X% for each of his teammates who is in danger . #Avengers and #Asgaurdians gives 2X furies.

Heavy Attack:
- 100% chance to Auto-Block opponents Base attacks while charging. This triggers Paralyse .
- Exponentially gains Fury buffs for 10 seconds, each increases his attack by X%

Specials Attacks:
- 100% chance to Paralyse the opponent for 3 secounds. A Paralysed opponent is Passively Stunned and gets -100% power.
- Break Opponent's armour as long as they are Paralysed , reducing armour rating by -X .

Special Attack 1:
- Refreshes all Buffs on Thor and Debuffs on opponent.

Special Attack 2:
- A Lethal strike of Stormbreaker places Deep Wounds on opponents for 9 seconds.
- Critical Hits on Deep Wounded opponent Bleeds them which deals X damage over 2 second.

Special Attack 3:
- Links Stormbreaker with power of Thunder for 30 seconds.
-Each strike with linked Stormbreaker has a 100% chance to Shock the opponent which deals X direct damage over 3 seconds.


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    Hey RayhanIshaque, I'm a little confused by this post. Are you suggesting that a new Thor Champion should be added to the game with these Abilities or that the existing Thor's Abilities should be updated?
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    RayhanIshaqueRayhanIshaque Posts: 15
    edited February 2019
    A new Thor. Myminded abilities lol.
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    Thank you very much for the clarification! In that case, if you haven't already, please take a moment to add your suggestion to our Character Wishlist Thread.

    To help keep the Forum tidy, I'll go ahead and close this one.
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