Gold 1, looking for 2, no donations

At Vårsaga (# VSAGA) we are committed to being as competitive as possible whilst still always being able to put personal lives first.

We've been able to maintain the perfect balance of effort vs rewards for many seasons now, running a mixture of 2bg wars and 3bg wars, always obtaining gold 1 status.

No donations ever! We run free maps in aq and score 80+ million to secure a decent amount of glory without taking away resources from people. Your resources are yours alone to do as you wish, many of our members use theirs to chip away at variant or stockpile for act 6. Seriously, after several years of playing you're doing something very wrong if you still need all the extra class shards pay maps bring. Sure some of the other stuff from regular map 5s & 6s are nice, but at the cost of encroaching far too much into personal time, as well as the resource drain.

To recap:
* AW = 2bgs twice a week / 3bgs once a week
* Gold 1 for several seasons running
* Laid back group of mostly vets. No dramas
* No donations!
* AQ - free maps (score 80+ million)
* No event requirements, although we kick arse in most anyway.
* Stable 20 mill alliance with very little turnover

* Roster able to compete at tier 4 level AW
* At least 1-2 R5 5*
* Communicate and be active in AW
* Line app mandatory

Contact me on line app if interested.

Username: icorer
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