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Tips Inside - CM Challenge - Non-Corvus/Ghost

I've posted on another thread that I thought the challenge was pretty fair except for Rogue. I still think she's a badly designed challenge. I was, however, able to complete the challenge with minimal item use. Maybe <10 revives and a few hundred units (most of that was when had to heal Hyp one bad run bc I died to IMIW @ less that 18% and had to gut it out).

Maybe these thoughts will help you. I tested a bunch of teams and I eventually committed to a full Domino trinity since she is my highest DPS champ besides Blade. You don't need Domino - but you do need a damage dealer that doesn't require ramp up.

Team: Domino 5/65, 4Rulk, 3Masacre, 4/55 Hyp, 4Ronan

MM - Domino (Alternates: anyone - she's easy - just ride out the AoW unstoppable)

IMIW - Hyperion is probably the best option - the last two were more difficult since he hits unblockable which has a weird interaction at <18%. (Alternates: Venom is probably amazing here as well.) Pro-tip: Wait out the Fistcuffs and L1 Spam.

Rogue - Domino - see tips below (Alternates: Stark Spidey, Hela, any High DPS)

BW - Domino - (Alternates: Killmonger - Anyone really - pretty easy - you have to intercept and/or bait heavies since parry is difficult - her broken evade-counter was the only reason I got smoked 2x)

KK - Ronan - (Alternates - Morningstar - but why? Bring Ronan. 3* even. Easy.)

Note: I chose to max Domino DPS with Masacre. You might choose to bring Heimdall for the extra revive (cheat death).

For Rogue:
To be honest you can power through her with any heavy hitter. I hate this fight because it relies on RNG and basically depends on what Rogue decides to do. That said, I spent less on the last 2 fights than the first 2 fights. I soloed her on path 5 (lucky run).

Ignore parry. At fight start, perform the same movement as a wall intercept. Back up and forward for a 4-hit combo (MLLL). She's aggressive so will almost always take the bait. Do another 3 hit counter to stay under her S1 bar. Repeat for a four hit counter (MLLL). That's 11 free hits.

At this point she will typically do one of two things (atypically she will run you down into the corner with AOW and Brawl active - sorry you lose). If she backs up and holds block. Attack her block. If she specials, then intercept and watch for Brawl.

When you die repeat.

The problem occurs when she gets Brawl (ugh). Basically you can't do anything but try to wait out the timers. At this point you don't have much choice but to either evade and intercept during non-Brawl or HOPE AND PRAY she goes into block at which point you can wail on her for 4 hits.

That's kinda it. Hope it helps. All-in-all it was worth the rewards.


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