Looking for alliance AQ ~115 mill score

I had been away from the game for almost 2 years.
My prestige is only about 6700 but will bump it up real soon.
Timezone is U.S. Pacific, and I can handle map 5 any day.
I'm looking for an AQ focused ally that scores around 115 mill weekly and hits +400k SA

I think AW is completely worthless for anyone below platinum 2.
Is like paying premium dollar just for the right to eat the crumbs that fall off the whales tables.
^Personal opinion.

On that note, the most important thing for me is to find a group of like minded players. People that dont care for AW or play it for fun only. As I'm not interested in spending glory, or units for just a couple of hundred 4 or 5* shards.

Please reply to this post with your line ID if you think you got a spot for me.

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