New Synergy Type - “Sparring Synergy”

So I got this idea for what I’m calling a “Sparring Synergy” when Havok was announced into the game...
I thought it would be a cool detail if (like in the comics) Cyclops and Havok were unable to hurt each other with their specials when they fought each other, and instead the brothers were just supposed to brawl it out every time they met in the battlerealm. Definitely this would give Cyclops some amazing utility as a counter to Havok, as anyone could bring any rank Cyclops into a Havok boss fight and simplify the fight and focus on aggression and the ability to utilize parry over and over without having to bait specials or anything like that. And this would be the same for any rank Havok against any Cyclops as well.
While this particular proposed “Sparring Synergy” might sound a little OP, keep in mind that it would only ever activate when Cyclops and Havok fight each other, and would not provide boosts to anyone else on the team or to either Cyclops or Havok before or after they’ve fought.
“Sparring Synergies” would alter gameplay dramatically, however because the prerequisites for activating them are so specific, I feel it would not hurt the game’s balance, just add a new layer to character interactions, and correct a few power inaccuracies that result from adhereing to the class advantage/disadvantage system. Also these new synergies might make summoners diversify their teams if they discover they can exploit a Sparring Synergy against a very difficult boss.

Another example of a Sparring Synergy I’ve thought of...
Magneto vs Sentinel - Homosuperior
From a logical standpoint Magneto should trash the all metal Sentinel, however in-game Sentinel has the class advantage because he’s obviously tech, and that advantage makes perfect sense for every other mutant in-game. With a “Sparring Synergy” this injustice to Magneto could be fixed - using magnetism to totally negate analysis charges and inflict armor break on every hit until Sentinel uses a Special 3 and Master Mold sends in a plastic polymer Sentinel to fight Magneto, at which point the fight mechanics return to what they currently are in-game, magnetism is nullified and the analysis charges start again.

In this Synergy Magneto clearly gets the advantage, but because Magneto is an older character and definitely in need of some buffs (Richochette Projectiles!! - think about it!) few people play as him - knowing he has such an advantage over a relatively new character would make Magneto a valuable asset again to a summoner’s team.

Anyway that’s my idea, and if anyone else has any “Sparring Synergies” they’d like to see, let’s hear them! I think this could be a cool mechanic in the game


  • AngusMac279AngusMac279 Posts: 108
    best idea ive seen in a while
  • BadabibidonBadabibidon Posts: 69
  • UmbertoDelRioUmbertoDelRio Posts: 3,402 ★★★★★
    There's already more than enough opportunities to cheese your way through the game, buddy.
  • SettimoSettimo Posts: 31
    These synergies should definitely be rare, and happen only in cases that would coincide with existing Marvel lore - like the two examples I gave. No cheesiness haha, just fixing the power balance of certain champions when class advantages/disadvantages are not present or operate counter to how they are supposed to based on the two character’s relationship in Marvel lore.
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