First 5 star rank 4 !!!!

First 5 star rank 4 !!!! 29 votes

Duped 5 star killmonger
LordPiyush24RoOOtsPaytoPlayColonaut123AleorIBlueShiftIZombieZedd 7 votes
Unduped 5 star domino
DrownedGodjojodeth101Jim0172SpiderCoolsDoonxStrWerewrymArnav1004_yadavDRTOSantaGulkJohn757SmashFhfjghhggggjfhfjgScrubkiller_1Nerds_galoreKillershark021Elbow_FlabRedeemed 18 votes
Unduped 5 star symbiote supreme
QuivinKihlgast_I_ 3 votes
Unduped 5 star luke cage
Savio444 1 vote


  • Unduped 5 star domino
    I complete UC monthly quest every month , looking to complete the rest of act 5 and AW attacker
  • ThatGrootGrootThatGrootGroot Posts: 427 ★★
    edited February 2019
    I don't think you could go wrong with any of those, but it depends on what you're trying to accomplish. I assume Act 5? Personal preference would be Domino. Second choice would be Luke Cage for bleed immunity. I don't particularly care for Killmonger and haven't used Symbiote Supreme.
  • StrStr Posts: 547 ★★
    Unduped 5 star domino
    Domino is the best damage dealer for content here. Doesnt need her sig ability. Killmonger is good but not as useful and damage isnt great. Run a red hulk with domino and you will kill kost content in fewer than 5 heavy attacks.
  • monomuggmonomugg Posts: 297 ★★
    all of the options seem perfectly fine. my preference is luke cage, too bad he's not awakened. i also like killmonger, he's pretty good against evade champions and can take sp3. domino is just amazing. I don't a symbiote supreme but he looks great, however i think he's much better awakened

    so... I'd say go with the one you feel more comfortable playing with
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