Looking for AW, AQ focused alliance

Hello guys, I'm looking for Gold1 alliance who do Map 4,5 in Aq and 3 bgs In Aw... We are 3 members. My ingame ID is OTaku_gamerBoy.....if interested add me ingame or in Line ID - otakuo4o9.


  • DrenlinDrenlin Posts: 622 ★★★
    Messaged you on line
  • DeviantDeviant Posts: 106
    new alliance part of a large group of alliances is looking for new members to fill it up. Looking for young members looking to improve and older members looking to slow down but still move forward. members must be active and communicate . Must use line app . Line Id is deviant_x. In game DEVIANT~SS.
  • Not looking anymore
  • New Alliance - ETERNAL BLOODLUST
    Looking for experienced players 150k+ looking to grow and help us grow. AQ and AW focused with the intent of running map 3 and 5. LineApp required. Message me if interested!
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